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Help! My baby refuses to sleep in their crib!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Does your baby or toddler absolutely refuse to sleep in their own crib or bed, no matter what you have tried?

This is one of the most common issues parents tell me about their little one.

Up until talking with me, they tell me they've tried rocking baby to sleep and carefully and quietly laying baby in their crib, just for baby to wake a few minutes later, or even immediately.

Some parents say their baby will absolutely not fall asleep until they are fed to sleep. Others come to me and say, what used to work to get baby to fall asleep, it doesn't work anymore!

Why? Well, there are many reasons:

  • Baby is now more aware, and knows when they are no longer in your arms, or in your bed.

  • Baby needs a schedule change, and the awake windows you were using before, are no longer correct for your baby.

  • You baby has gone through the 4 Month Sleep Regression and is having a much harder time sleeping with their new lighter stages of sleep.

  • Your baby hasn't yet mastered their independent sleep skills and they are now really struggling to sleep.

I've heard it all! With parents best intentions, I hear: she refuses to fall asleep without her bottle, or she refuses to fall asleep anywhere other than my bed, or she refuses to fall asleep anytime before 10pm, or she refuses to fall asleep without a pacifier, or she refuses to sleep without the swaddle... the list goes on!

Are you a parent who's baby refuses to sleep in their crib?

I have AMAZING news for you!

Your baby CAN and WILL fall asleep in their own crib if we can set up the right plan for your baby, that takes into consideration your parenting style (No cry it out method? Awesome, I don't love it either!) and your babies temperament. You want to stay in the room while your baby learns to fall asleep? Great, let's do it!

I've NEVER had a baby not fall asleep on night one of the plan. Thats right, never!

My most recent little guy, an 11 month old baby, who just graduated yesterday was a pretty rough sleeper before he came to me. Before we started together his mom said:

"He has never been a good sleeper. There are a handful of times that he slept longer than 4 hours but never independently. Not even the Snoo helped us."

On night ONE this sweet little guy fell asleep in 15 minutes at bedtime! Never in his life had he fallen asleep on his own AND in his own crib! His first time ever trying with the plan created for him, he did it in 15 minutes!!

Mom was absolutely shocked!

And even better, HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG! Not one peep! On night ONE of our sleep plan.

It's absolutely amazing what can happen when we set a baby up for success!

Teaching a baby to be a great sleeper is not just about bedtime. It's about:

  • WHEN you feed a baby during the day

  • HOW MUCH you feed a baby

  • WHEN is snack time

  • HOW you handle night wakings

  • WHEN is their last feed of the day

  • SLEEP PRESSURE - learning to build it up, and not take it away

and so much more!

I'll take the guess work and all the researching out for you. You will never again need to wonder how to get your baby sleeping well. That's what I am here for!

Would you like to schedule a complimentary sleep evaluation to talk about your sleep struggles and learn about the different ways I can help you?

I can't wait to talk to you!



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