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Happy Clients

Hear from my past clients!

Baby M, 10 Months Old

"KAYLA IS THE BEST!!! If you know what a zombie looks like that was me until I got recommended to Kayla. I was so anxiety ridden, sleep deprived and just trying to understand why my precious baby boy wasn’t sleeping. Every step of the way, Kayla was there for me and I couldn’t be more grateful that I took that step and got him officially sleep trained! I went from zombie to rested mama, calmer, happier and GRATEFUL . My son sleeps every day for his 2 naps and is out cold by 7:45 pm EVERY NIGHT!!!!! Hands down best decision i ever made!"

-Mama N.

Baby C, 4 Months Old

"I worked with Kayla closely after many agonizing months of sleepless nights and I couldn't be more grateful for the amazing skills both her and JoAnna helped my daughter (and me!) develop.

We went from waking up 4-5 times a night and struggling every single nap time to sleeping soundly and actually having time on our hands because of her much longer naps during the day. The schedule Kayla developed for us made it easy to follow (and reference in the middle of the night) and know exactly what we needed to do, plus the added ability of being able to reach out to her as needed made the journey much easier than trying to deal completely on our own!

I will forever recommend both Kayla and JoAnna to anyone struggling through sleep issues with their children! Thanks for giving me the ability to start sleeping a little more and know my daughter is getting the restful sleep she needs!"

-Mama K.

Baby P, 6 Months Old

"Kayla was so awesome. She was professional, supportive, and super helpful. With our first baby, we had no idea where to begin with sleep training. The information Kayla passed along to us was very useful. She was very responsive to my husband who was handling nap time during the day, and coached us through what to do at night. I also seem to remember I was a *little* stressed about baby sleeping well, and Kayla was so patient with me. We are super happy with the results! Thank you Kayla!

*It's been about a year, and baby still has awesome sleep habits! With Kayla's coaching, we transitioned easily to one nap, and she still sleeps 11+ hours through the night."

-Mama H.

Toddler R, 2.5 Years Old

"Kayla and Joanna have been lifesavers! I was hesitant to hire a sleep consultant for many reasons, the cost, the fear of my child crying, and the commitment. We struggled with horrible sleep for 2.5 years and we were exhausted. Sleep Solutions Unlimited created a comprehensive sleep plan that was specific to my child's needs, and covered not only the sleep schedule but also many other items that affect sleep. The plan was easy to follow and the support during the journey was great. I cannot truly express enough my gratitude for helping my daughter become an excellent sleeper!!! This is a lifelong gift I will always be thankful for. My only regret is not doing this sooner so if your on the fence just say yes! It's one of the best investment you will make."

-Mama M.

Toddler P, 3 Years Old

"We struggled a lot with very less to No sleep due to our 3 year old boy waking up very frequently throughout the night. Kayla and JoAnna helped us sleep train our boy, they were always available on text and call, also following up with his every day time to time sleep schedules, we were able to train our son as per their suggested techniques and our boy is a good sleeper now. I can’t thank them enough for the all extended support they provided us. I would highly recommend them for all your babies sleep issues."

-Mama V.

Baby P, 6 Months Old

"I worked with Kayla when my daughter was 6 months old. We were co-sleeping and I had no schedule. She helped me night wean, binki wean and successfully converted to her crib and sleep through the night in less than 2 weeks.

She has not slept back in our bed once, she takes naps at the same time every day and when she goes to bed she puts herself to sleep! She is two now and the skills she learned for Kayla were priceless for her and me."

-Mama N.

Baby M, 9 Months Old

"Our lives were completely changed thanks to Kayla. Our 9 month old baby was waking every 1-2 hours at night, didn’t know how to fall asleep other than by nursing, and was taking 4 naps a day to compensate for the horrible night time sleep he was getting. We will be forever grateful for everything we learned and for all of the sleep our family is now getting. I would recommend Kayla 100%."

-Mama C.

Baby J, 6 months old

"Kayla and Joanna at Sleep Solutions saved our lives. My husband works nights and I was alone with a 6 month old who went from an angel to a SLEEP STRIKE MONSTER. After a full month, during which I quickly unraveled and both my husband and I had to call out from work due to extreme sleep deprivation and inability to safely operate motor vehicles, let alone do our jobs, we finally turned to Joanna for help. I was so scared of the idea of sleep training and "cry it out", and Joanna and Kayla heard my concerns and customized our family's plan to our comfort level. She was with us every step of the way for a full 3 weeks, and it is literally the best thing that we have ever done for our daughter. I feel like a new person, and my daughter (who had always been really happy) is now even happier and more engaged! I can't give enough stars."

-Mama L.

Toddler M, 1.5 Years Old

"We are expecting a second baby in April. Thanks to Kayla our 18 month old now sleeps happily in his own crib, in his own room!! A total game changer, mummy is now getting a good nights sleep without a toddler attached to her. All of this was achieved in just 3 weeks. I can’t thank Sleep Solutions enough. We highly recommend them."

-Mama C.

Baby L and Toddler A, 6 months old & 3.5 years old

"Kayla was amazing. She is clear, very thorough and is incredibly knowledgeable in this field Nour biggest fear was having our child cry it out, but it was hardly the case. Within a week he was being placed in his crib, and sleeping in under a minute.

I have referred her to 2 family members and their results were all the same."

We highly recommend Kayla and her services!!!

-Dad S.

Mamas and Dads,
If you are struggling with sleepless nights but don't know where to start in teaching your baby how to be an amazing sleeper, schedule a free call with me! I create sleep plans based on your child's temperament and your parenting style. You can expect to see results in 3 days or less! Let's get your and your family sleeping again! Book a free call with me!

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