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About Me

I am a Mommy to a sweet, playful little girl who has my whole heart! When she was first born, everyone said, “Be prepared for exhaustion and sleepless nights!” and I always said, “I know, it comes with the territory of being a Mama!” But what I didn’t know, is that they were wrong! 

Having a baby doesn’t have to mean endless sleepless nights! 

When my daughter was 6 months old, I finally decided to do something about my sleepless nights. Before hiring my daugher's sleep consultant, my daughter was waking up eight, yes EIGHT times a night and I couldn’t do it anymore. In no time at all, my daughter was sleeping through the night, and guess what!? I was too! I suddenly felt human again!

I now refer to my daughter as my “Professional Sleeper” who is a complete joy to be around. No longer is she a grumpy, over-tired little human. She is happy during the day, and happily goes to sleep - she even looks forward to it!

As for me, I suddenly had the energy and time to be the best Mama and Wife I could be, and I can’t wait to see that change in the families I work with. Having a child that sleeps is truly life changing and an amazing life long gift to give to you and your little one.

It’s time for you and your family to start getting sleep again! Contact me today to find out how!

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