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Baby Learning to Walk


Ages 4 Months - 18 Months

Learn how to get your baby to go down easily for naps and bedtime, and sleep through the night!

Do you feel like you fight with your baby to fall asleep for naps or at bed time?

Is your baby up at all hours of the night?

Babies who have frequent wakings in the middle of the night have not yet mastered their own sleep skills. This program changes that. 

By the end of our 3 weeks together your baby will sleep through the night, and go down for bed happily. 

How I Can Help You:

I put together customized plans that fit you, your family and your baby, and I walk you through every step of the way with unlimited communication during our time together!

Book a free call with me today to find out more!

Sleeping Baby Package

90 Minute Kick Off Call

During this 90 minute Kick Off Call, we’ll discuss your baby’s customized sleep plan in detail.

After this call you will: 

  • have everything that you need to begin and create success with your customized Sleeping Baby Plan.

  • know exactly when and how to start and what you can expect throughout or time together.

  • have a detailed, step by step, easy to follow plan so you know exactly how to get your baby sleeping.

This is a customized plan created with your babies personality and your parenting style in mind. As your sleep coach, I will work along side you every step of the way.

In-Depth Profile and Customized Sleep Plan

We start with an in-depth profile containing questions about your child so we will know exactly where changes need to be made.

With this detailed profile, I’ll design a custom Sleeping Baby Plan specifically for your child’ sleep needs while keeping your parenting style in mind.

What makes your Sleeping Baby Plan work is that it addresses YOUR SPECIFIC STRUGGLES at this specific time.

​What does this mean for you? You'll have a step by step plan to get your baby sleeping.

My plans are easy to follow, giving you the knowledge of what to do every day and every night. 

You’ll learn WHY these steps are important… and you’ll know exactly how to follow each one.

  • For you: There is no more guessing about how to help your baby sleep.

  • For your baby: Amazing benefits from good quality sleep, including:

    • brain development

    • restored energy

    • immune system repair

  • For your family: All family members can finally get the rest they need and enjoy each other! ​

This plan is specifically designed for your baby's age and temperament so they become a great sleeper in the shortest amount of time possible.

Support From Beginning to End

This Sleeping Baby package is a 3 week package that includes a 1 hour Kick Off Call and 4 phone calls of 15 minutes each.

You’ll also have unlimited communication with me via Voxer for support! That means if you have a question, you'll get it answered in real time.

As your sleep consulting expert, it’s my job to make sure you see results, and you will!

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