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A Must Have Black Friday Item from a Pediatric Sleep Consultant!

A Must Have Black Friday Item from a Pediatric Sleep Consultant!

I have been working with a lot of toddler age children recently! Some parents have come to me because their toddler has never been a good sleeper and they've reached that moment when they are ready to do something about it, and others have come to me because their once perfect sleeping child is suddenly no longer wanting to sleep!

I think the pushback against sleep that we see for this age comes from a few different factors:

1. They are simply more aware. They have a better understanding that events might be happening around them and they don’t want to miss out. They also might just want to sit in your lap for 1 more minute, 5 more times. LOL!

2. They are Professional Boundary Pushers and Professional Lolly-gaggers. Although toddlers thrive on boundaries, they constantly want to see how far they can push the envelope while taking the most amount of time possible. It can be exhausting on our end especially when it’s bedtime! One of my favorite tools to use when working with toddlers is a Hatch!

The Hatch has many helpful features that we utilize during sleep times:

  1. Sound Machine: It has 11 sounds including my go to sound - white noise!

  2. Night light: It has present colors as well as a color wheel to let you customize your colors. Why is this extremely important? It allows us to set certain colors and time them to change at certain times. With this feature we can teach your toddler that when the light is red (the best color for sleep!) - we want them to stay in bed, and when the light turns green, they can start their day! This even has the feature to lock the colors/sounds so your toddler cannot change any settings when touched.

  3. It’s portable: The Rest+ is not only ready to join you for naps on the go, it also will keep a charge if the power goes out - which for us happens quite often for me living in the south with those wild storms!

We use the Hatch to help set expectations that a young toddler can easily understand to make for a seamless bedtime and restful consolidated nighttime sleep! You might even love the Hatch so much, that you want one for yourself. No problem! They have a few different sound machines and I’m sure you will find the right one for you or your little one! Get your new Black Friday best find HERE! If you already have the hatch but haven't quite figured out how to get your toddler to respond to it in the way you expected, book a call with me, and I'll see how I can help!


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